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It could have been just a blog, but really it’s more… it’s a constant process. There are expectations. I will fill you in as it evolves.

The 2012 blog

A new year, also for my blog. I sense people can’t wait any longer for it. There is nobody asking me…  But I feel it in my gut.

So. What are my goals this year? What freakishly interesting thing will I dedicate my time to now?

Last year I started blogging like a maniac, it being my goal to blog every day, but slowed down a bit and started focussing on my goal of monthly visits to European Capitals. This was a huge success to me. First, I had a blast! Second, my visitor count went from 135 visitors in January 2011 to 1107 visitors in December 2011.

Total visitorcount in 2011 was 3029. Extraordinary numbers, because really… I am just a blogging amateur.

The fun thing is already to this day in January I have 314 visitors – without having written a blog in 2012.  I am averaging 40 visitors per day now. So. That is fun.

I’ll start working on interesting projects in 2012 worth writing about. I am building up companies, I am meeting fascinating people and I am in the midst of buying a real nice appartment.
Well. One of my most popular blogs in 2011 was ‘My top 10 small green decisions’  I think of doing something special with that this year. I’ll keep you up to date…

I’ll leave you with a nice quote to take with you in the new year.

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. – F. P. Jones

Ok. 1 more.

When opportunity knocks some people will complain about the noise. - Luke

Have a great year everyone!

So… blogging.

I stopped doing my daily entries. So, sorry, daily followers. I thought about what TuneInToLuke wants to tell the world. There is so much to say that everybody already says and I decided to make ourselves more exclusive than those people.

I am thinking. What do people want to read if they go to this blog? They want to read about what I am doing? I am thinking still. The Capital Of The Month is popular. They must like that. Top 10 lists are read by most people. A top 10 list does sound catchy. It is a top 10. The 10 best of something. Just knowing the number 1 best is not enough for people. Now, that is strange. There is only 1 best in a top 10 and there are 9 losers. That does not sound so top, does it.

People ask me to write blogs in Dutch. Ok. It’s more comfortable for me anyway. So, I’ll blog in Dutch too. I am easygoing. You ask. I deliver. So keep tuning in for that…

So. The main question. Why do I write this blog? I am thinking. Again. I like writing… I think I have things to say that people find interesting. And if they don’t like it, people stop reading, don’t they.
What am I thinking. Do I really have things to say? What can I bring that nobody else brings? I don’t know much about anything. I really know nothing about a lot. And most of the time there is just not that much to say, is there. People should not try to say so much. That is what I think. And as you can tell I really like to write a lot but say nothing.

So, who is this reader who will like what I write? And will it make me happy if a reader likes or dislikes what I write? Or should I just have fun with whatever words I write down? Should I not care?

No matter what they think. I’ll just have to start writing a good mix of words and make it look like a blog. That will make me happy. We’ll get there.


Blog Interaction

Blogging is difficult, you know. I read many ‘how to’ blogs. They teach me ‘techniques’. It seems I cannot just do whatever I think is fun. I’ll have to write more pillar articles. I’ll try to be professional. I’ll learn how to do this eventually.

A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites. - Wikipedia

It’s almost the end of the 2nd month of blogging. Visitor amounts have tripled since january. Over 500 people in february is a great amount! But I still don’t know exactly if people actually read all my stuff or what they like about what they do read. A whopping 48 people read my “Top 10 Iphone apps”, 2nd best read article is “Malta pictures” with 28 people reading it. So, top 10 lists and pictures of me doing my crazy adventures is popular. Or not? Well. People seem to keep coming for a visit anyway, I suppose that is good.
I still need more interaction though I feel. I’d like that. So, what do you people want? A poll? A forum? A free meal? I allow you to comment.

The Blog

Dear blog,

Today I improved you. I made a nicer lay-out. The way I think it is nice anyway. It’s more a journalist theme now and it is sharp. I hope you like it. I really actually like it. My Tweets show up on the side. Did you see? There is a visitor counter. It’s really cool. I like this WordPress blogging. Now the real deal is this… I thought of topics I can write about. I’ll have a blast with these: “Stuff I Buy”,”Things I hate to do”, “My ecological footprint” and “Fun”. Haha. Yes. Fun. This all should give me some more creative leverage. I am getting up to 20 different categories now. Let’s hope I and/or you can keep it up! I write. You show the world. You know. Oh, this is too awesome and I haven’t told you. I can blog from my phone. That is unreal. One blog I wrote on my phone in my London hotel. Wow. Isn’t it? Ok. I have to go now. Take care.


Blog renewal

I am still working every single day on making a nice theme and surroundings for my blog. Since I started Jan. 1 there have been all kinds of problems. Serverproblems, uploadingproblems, connectionproblems. Luckily I haven’t promoted my blog… But there will be a day soon I will seriously start blogging. Beware!

To create anew

I’m in the middle of creating the new blog.

To create, make or cause to be or to become, bring forth, father, generate, get, mother, multiply, procreate, reproduce, fructify, set, bear fruit, breed, multiply, brood, cover, hatch, incubate, regenerate, make a way or path by removing objects, establish, lay down, make, enact, bring, institute, re-create, create anew, regenerate, replace, renew, fictionalise, retell, fake, forge, interpret, represent, present, stage, perform, construct, regroup, reorganize, produce, do, design, is all it means.

And I think I just created something really almost poetic.