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10 ‘how to’ shop yardsales tips!

1. Keep your eyes opened for upcoming yardsales and mark the calendar so you don’t forget.

2. Many people advertise the classifieds of the local newspaper but a lot of people will just put up signs, post a flyer in a grocery store, place a free classified ad on a local community website etc. I have a local street map so I can plan the best route (saving time and gas). If you don’t have a map but have the street address you can check out websites like Google Maps to plan your route.

3. Necessities for the hard-core yardsailor: hat/sunglasses to keep sun out of eyes, suntan lotion (if you burn easily), a small cooler with beverages in the car, comfy shoes, plenty of change and small bills and local map.

4. Don’t wear sandals or flip-flops. Your feet will get wet if people have their yardsale set up on their lawn and its a dewy morning. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers. (Sneakers is such a cool word that I wish more people would call sneakers “sneakers”. )

5. Arrive early at yard sales but don’t be the “early bird.” An early bird is someone who shows up before a yardsale is supposed to begin. Sometimes even HOURS ahead of time. I’ve found that most yardsales are not organized well enough to handle early birds. Others believe that arriving late at a yardsale is good too, because the seller may be willing to give better deals later in the day.

6. The yard sales that are held in better neighborhoods normally have the nicer stuff (but of course it’s usually pricier). Generally, if you are looking for antiques, newer communities with swingsets in every backyard probably isn’t the wisest choice to start your search. But I’m not picky, I like them ALL! That’s what makes yardsaling so great, you never know what you will find and where.

7. If you find yourself at a truly great yardsale (great prices and has a lot of things you want/need) don’t be in too much of a hurry to run off to the next yardsale. Make sure you have thoroughly shopped it before leaving. Many days you may only find one or two really “good” yardsales and a lot of crappy ones and you will have wished you had spent more time at the “good” yardsales rather than rushing off quickly.

8. Take off the price tags of your treasures shortly after getting home. Most times the longer a sticker stays on an item, the harder it is to remove.

9. It’s good to bring a lot of small bills and change especially if you plan on making small purchases. Don’t be afraid to haggle a price down if you feel it is too high. The worst that the seller can say is no. I think it’s in very bad taste to haggle a price down from € 1.00 to 50 cents only to whip out a €20 bill to pay for it. Believe me, it happens. If I think the price is fair or a steal, I don’t bother. Nothing is more annoying to me (when having a yardsale) is to have a customer who wants to haggle on every little item. Also, I would not drive up in a Lexus expecting to haggle. Drive the junker instead. Or at least park the Lexus around the block before you walk up to the yardsale.

10. Don’t be afraid of NOT buying something at a yard sale. I know some people who feel a weird obligation to buy something at every yard sale whether they need it or not. I just say, “sorry I don’t see anything I need – good luck with your sale, you have a great day for it”, and then I’m off to the next one. Otherwise you’ll end up with so much stuff you’ll have to have your own yard sale.