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Twitter. Who thought that would ever be a word commonly used.

Deleted Tweets – Director’s Cut

I am on the Twitter. I tweet things and @tuneintoluke is my Twittername. Maybe I should explain how Twitter works for you, since you are blog people… Twitter is really like text messaging. Only this time you text message the world. Now, the world does not care about what you text message. Most of the time. But from all the mad stuff I read on Twitter most people don’t seem to care what other people think. Oh. You can also directly tweet something (or anything) to someone (or anyone). That is great.
I think Twitter is a nice way to see current events/affairs through the eyes and opinions of (extra)ordinary people. Anyway. I try to be selective in what I tweet. Certain things I just decide not to tweet. And these things I write down here!

“@mom I ate broccoli today, or beans. Something green anyway.”
“Is it cold outside? Anyone?”
“Can anybody retweet what I just said?”
“Are you there? @Elvis”
“This is nonsentence.”
“Follow me! #FF”
“2 burgers, fries, a milkshake and can I have a toy? To go. @macdonaldsdrivethru”

Well. Keep tuning in for more.