Over half done!

It’s really not easy to get the list done, but I decided to finish this European Capital list at some point… 2 weeks ago I visited Belgrade. What a splendid city. Next week I’ll go to San Marino…! I also visited Prague again this summer… That was already my 4th visit to Prague. So. I am at 23 European Captitals now… And no 24 coming up soon. There is 45 capitals in my European Capital list…
People ask me how I do it. I just do it…! That is the key. Look, trips don’t have to cost that much. I have a travel budget… Most cities you can see in 2 or 3 days. And if you manage to keep travel cost to a minimum it can work out fine… I look at all possible flights, I keep cost of accommodation in check. And then I can go again not too soon after my last trip… ;)

Country Name Capital City DONE coming soon month Time Travel
Albania Tirana
Andorra Andorra la Vella
Austria Vienna x aug ’11 4 days car
Belarus Minsk
Belgium Brussels x sept ’11 2 days car
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
Bulgaria Sofia
Croatia Zagreb
Cyprus Nicosia
Czech Republic Prague x apr ’13 2 days car
Denmark Copenhagen x nov ’11 3 days boat/car
Estonia Tallinn
Finland Helsinki
France Paris x July ’11 2 days car
Germany Berlin x mar ’13 2 days car
Greece Athens
Hungary Budapest x apr ’13 2 days plane
Iceland Reykjavik
Ireland Dublin 0
Italy Rome x mar ’11 4 days plane
Latvia Riga x april ’11 4 days plane
Liechtenstein Vaduz
Lithuania Vilnius
Luxembourg Luxembourg x dec ’11 3 days car
Macedonia Skopje x jun ’14 3 days plane
Malta Valletta x feb ’11 4 days plane
Moldova Chisinau
Monaco Monaco x june ’11 3 days plane/car
Montenegro Podgorica
Netherlands Amsterdam x april ’11 1 day train
Norway Oslo
N. Ireland Belfast x oct ’11 3 days plane
Poland Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon x oct ’10 2 days plane / car from Sevilla
Romania Bucharest x nov ’14 3 days plane
San Marino San Marino 0
Serbia Belgrade x sep ’15 3 days plane
Slovakia Bratislava x sep ’14 2 days plane / car from Budapest
Slovenia Ljubljana
Spain Madrid x nov ’10 4 days plane
Sweden Stockholm x feb ’07 3 days
Switzerland Bern
Turkey Istanbul
Ukraine Kiev 0
United Kingdom London x jan ’11 2 days boat/car
Vatican City Vatican City x mar ’11  (Rome)